SE&M has invested wisely to give our shop vast capabilities. We provide our people with the best equipment so that they can do quality work in a timely manner, with the precision necessary to do the job right. Listed below are just a few of the items you will find in our shop.

Mazal Space Gear U44

Mazak Space Gear U44

This 2D/3D laser cutting machine gives us the capability to cut, profile, countersink and bevel contoured parts and complex geometries. We can quickly machine parts such as uniframe housings, I and H beams, C channel and angle iron. It also excels in cutting round, square, rectangular, and triangular tubing, and hydro-formed, stamped or spun pre-formed parts. A custom built bar feeder gives us added capabilities.

Calypso HammerHead WaterJet

Calypso HammerHead WaterJet

This machine allows us to cut a wide variety of materials with precision accuracy using water and granular agate under very high pressure. Because there is no heat, cutting is done without burning or distorting the part. Will cut through virtually any material up to 6-inches thick and sheets as large as 5’ x 10’. Can cut virtually any shape imaginable to a smooth finish.

Cincinnati Form Master II Press Brake

Cincinnati Form Master II Press Brake

This 90-ton capacity press brake allows us to accurately form various parts and materials up to 10-foot long. The CNC interface enables us to make fast, first-time setups, and to recall them later, quickly and accurately. Plus it gives us the capability to do complicated, multiple-bend parts.

An additional press brake gives us 230-ton capacity for pieces up to 12-foot long.

Lincoln/Fanuc Robotic Welder

Lincoln/Fanuc Robotic Welding Cell

This flexible robotic welder gives us precise, high-speed welding capabilities. It produces long, high quality welds without stopping and requires minimal post weld cleaning. Equipped with two rotational positioners that can cover 60-inches diameter and up to 118-inches long.

Other Noteworthy Equipment:

Mitsubishi Laser

Haas CNC Mini Mill

Amera Seika CNC Lathe

(2) Hardinge Precision Lathes

Timesavers Metal Finisher

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welders *

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welders *

Electro-Static Powder Coat Paint Booth
14' x 9' x 25' (10' x 9' door opening)

Powder Coat Paint Curing Oven
11' x 10' x 25' (10' x 10' door opening)

* Our welders are code qualified.

* We conduct nondestructive weld testing (NDT) as required.
  We use both dye-penetrant and magnetic-particle methods.


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Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

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Picture Gallery

See Our 6-Axis Laser with Bar feeder in Action!

Other videos demonstrating our capabilities are available upon request.